Web Development

Astute Designs & Solutions, a company based in Surat, India offers a wide range of custom made websites, web portals and web applications for your business to conquer the digital world. Using cutting edge technologies, advanced frameworks and efficient methodologies, at Astute we make sure that the solutions we provide are potentially productive and ascendable.

Developing a website considering the requirements of the businesses using all the important tools is an essential part of putting up a business online. Creating plain text images, Web-based applications, Social network applications and electronic business applications needs to be taken care of while working on an overall website development.

Static Website

If you’re in need of a website that doesn’t require modifications often, then a basic code or HTML experience will work for you and a static website would be the appropriate option in this case.

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Dynamic Website

If you desire a website that encourages user interaction or regular modifications, a dynamic website would be the best option for you.

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